According to NASSCOM, Indian IT industry is poised to become US$ 300 billion by 2020.

By 2020, 1.13 million jobs in the networking segment.

Because of Digital India Initiative, Indian IT sector moves to trillion dollars by 2025.

Scope of hardware and networking is tremendous .Small or big organizations showing their interest and moving towards paperless office. This initiative led to excessive computerization. The more computerization, the more is the requirement of Hardware & Networking Professionals. The wide use of computers, Laptops, mobiles, desktops and internet in private and government organizations have created huge demand for hardware and networking professionals.

Hardware and Networking Professional can find ample job opportunities/ employment in public and private sector. Hardware development & support companies are the preferred place for most of the Hardware engineers. Job opportunities exist in manufacturing, repair, installation, services and maintenance.

Whether it’s Banks, Government offices, Retail outlets, Education, Health, Films industry, Media, Animation, Software development companies, BPOs, Call Centers, KPOs, Telecom Companies, Automobile manufacturing units, Showrooms, Hospitality or any organization belonging to any domain, have a network of computers for storage and sharing of information. To design, setup, implement and maintain again Hardware & Network Professionals are required. Besides they can be self-employed by starting their own hardware & networking firm. One can also run H/w & N/w consultancy. Teaching in technical educational institutions is also a very good option.

In fact Hardware & Networking domain has more immense prospects than Software. Hardware & Networking field doesn’t require you to be upgraded as per the market scenario every now and then; plus there is comparatively less competition so more growth opportunities. In simple words; More Demand Less Supply (ModLeS).

Recent surveys have revealed that the hardware sector in India is expected to grow above the $60 billion. Computer Hardware and Networking is projected to be one of the fastest growing occupations in India by 2025.